5 Things To Do When On Vacation In Sao Paulo

The colorful and amazing Sao Paulo city of Brazil is considered alike the New York city in the US, due to many reasons and this city is one among the largest cities of the world. Located in South America, this city is one among the cosmopolitan and the most modern cities there, and thus, boasts of a number of attractions including cultural ones and a number of international restaurants and shopping brands. Also, the nightlife of the city is a great attraction for the visitors, where you can get a professional escort company from Escorts 9, if you are alone on your trip.
Taking a tour of the different attractive aspects of the city is a vital thing to be done in the city, however, five things that you must get involved in during your vacation in Sao Paulo are listed below.
  1. Attractive Places: There are many places of attraction for the visitors in the city located at both inside and outside areas of the city. There are many beaches that are used as an escape option from the busy life schedule of the city, where Praia Grande is a popular beach offering several recreational activities like boating and skiing. Apart from the beaches, you have gardens and zoo to visit, the Ibirapuera Park, Liberdade Disctrict, Sao Paulo Museum of Art, Ipirange Imperial Museum and others.
  2. Events & Festivals: Attending a festival or any other event in the city is also a vital thing to be done in the city. There are several popular events like the anniversary of the city, which falls on, 25th January and commemorates the discovery of the city. The Sao Vito festival is also a popular event, held in May every year and showcases a huge range of Italian heritage along with traditional music and food of Italy.
  3. Shopping: This city also serves as a paradise for shoppers, where grabbing a bargain adds fun and value to the time spent on shopping. The Liberdade District is a home to a great variety of Chinese, Korean and Japanese goods. There are a number of shopping malls available in the city like the Ibirapeura Shopping Mall, Rua Oscar Freire and others providing you with high-quality branded items.
  4. Sports: Brazil is famous for its fame in football globally, so you must visit to have a glance over a match between different Brazilian teams. Being Pele’s birth place, his football memorabilia are available at the Museu do Futebol (The Museum of Football).
  5. Night Life: Another vital thing that you must do at Sao Paulo is to explore the night life there. Roaming around various hot spots like nightclubs and others, you can add more enjoyment to your vacation by hiring professional escorts from Escorts 9. Some popular nightclubs are located in the Vila Olimpia and Vila Madalena districts.
So, you can enjoy the full pleasure of your vacation in Sao Paulo city of Brazil by roaming around and exploring both the day and night lives of the city. Having a company during the journey adds more to your enjoyment.


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