Locker Room Flooring For Gyms

For those who are looking an outstanding solution for sport areas and gyms, the locker room flooring mats have a special tread surface that combines cushioned foot comfort and anti-slip safety. These mats can provide an efficient drainage and ventilation due to its open slots that trap dirt. Moreover, they are very resistant to most liquids, acids, oils and also hinder the growth of bacteria. Guarantee long life and are designed to makes it easy to roll, lay and move. In addition, they are effectively absorbs sound.

·       Are good in swimming areas and locker rooms
·       The best solution for places where bacterial tend to grow fast

Benefits and features
·       Excellent drainage
·       Anti-slip technology
·       Prevent contamination and bacterial growth
·       PVC for long-lasting mat
·       Straightforward cleaning and maintenance


Recommended for indoor usage



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